If your result is negative you may proceed to your airline check-in desk, present your results and complete the check-in processes. It is important you retain your paper certificate at all times. The certificate will also be available as a PDF download through your online account after you have collected your paper certificate.

Supervised Antigen Video Self-Test and Unsupervised Antigen Self-Test

If your result is negative you may proceed with your travel plans back to England.


If your result is negative you do not need to do anything, you do not need to quarantine unless the test result is positive.

Arrivals for partially or not-vaccinated:

Day 2 of before test (taken on arrival)

  • Continue to quarantine for the full ten days
  • Carry out Day 8 of after test 
  • Only exception is negative Test to Release test but must still take Day 8 or after test

Day 8 of after test

  • Travellers must remain in quarantine until they have received a negative test after their Day 8 test has been sampled. 
  • Even if the Day 8 sample is negative, a full 10 day quarantine is mandated.

Test to Release:  If you receive a negative test result this releases you from quarantine as per UK Govt guidelines

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