Test certificates include the following information: 

- Company name - Collinson 

- Booking reference

- Date of Birth

- Passport number

- Time and date sample taken 

- Time and date test completed 

- Test type

- Test result

- Test kit ID number (except for Test to Release)

- Gender

- Sample type

PCR only: 

- Sampling laboratory

Antigen only:

- Sensitivity/Specificity:

- Manufacturer

Antibody only:

- Sensitivity/Specificity:

- Manufacturer:

- Result IgM:

- Result IgG:

Certificates do not include QR codes

Please ensure the information on the certificate meets the requirements of your destination country.

The Test Report will be available as a PDF download through your online account. Your passport number is included on the certificate. 

If you are at the airport and require a paper copy, follow the direction you were given by the staff at the testing centre about collecting your results.  Depending upon your destination you may need to go to the Testing Centre Results desk to pick up a sealed letter containing your Test Report containing your result and if this is the case it’s important you retain your paper copy at all times.  

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