If the government have changed the status of your destination from Amber to Green status please find below the steps you need to take: 

If you are already on your trip or still planning to travel:

If you have a day 2 test only booked (children and vaccinated adults from UK/EU/US) you do not need to take any action. 

If you currently have a day 2 and day 8 test booked, you will no longer be needing your day 8 test when you return to the England. 

You are able to self serve changes your test/s from Amber to Green by logging into the booking portal and can do this up to 3 hours prior to your Day 2 test date. Please cancel your existing Amber test package (two tests) which will automatically be refunded to you and rebook a Green Arrivals test. Please be mindful that group bookings all need to purchase the same test. If your party have different requirements, you will need to book separately

This can all be done by accessing  your booking through our portal at:  Collinson Testing Centres  .

Further to the UK Government's announcement on the 17th September please visit Latest Travel Updates for the latest information on test requirements

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