Travellers arriving into England from France must continue to quarantine for 10 days regardless of vaccination status and also need both a day 2 and a day 8 test. The rules of quarantine allow you to travel to test centres to carry out your tests. You can still choose the option to be released from quarantine early with the Test to Release scheme. This will be an additional cost and you will still be required to test on day 8.

More info on the requirements can be found here: Foreign Travel Advice (Gov UK)  

You can pre-book your tests in advance by visiting: Collinson Testing Centres and registering your personal details, including email address. If you are travelling from France you need to select one of  the following Amber testing packages: 

Test for UK Residents – Amber Test for Partially or Not Vaccinated (two tests) - £165

Test for Non-UK Residents – Amber Test for UK Arrivals (two tests) - £165

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